A woman’s joyful engagement took a distressing turn when her fiancé’s family demanded an outrageous and invasive ritual to check her purity. Just days before their wedding, her fiancé insisted that his father inspect her hymen in front of relatives to ensure she was still a virgin, a tradition in their family.

The woman initially laughed off the request but was shocked when he insisted he was serious. She sought refuge with a friend to consider her options. The next morning, she told her fiancé she wouldn’t undergo the humiliating examination. He accused her of lying and even turned violent.

Realizing that her fiancé had changed into a different person, she decided to call off the wedding. The experience left her heartbroken but determined to move forward.

This shocking incident highlights the importance of respecting personal boundaries and not subjecting anyone to such invasive and demeaning practices in the name of tradition or love.

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