Many on social media are questioning the legality of the man’s so-called hack

Man's hack for buying more expensive steak leaves people asking if it's actually legal

Food is pretty expensive right now, right?

Even the likes of commonly known takeaway favorites have been slammed for ‘insane prices’, so it doesn’t give you much hope for a steak in the supermarket, eh?

Typically, the desired piece of meat is pretty expensive, so one man’s hack to get it a bit cheaper has certainly grabbed many people’s attentions.

The hack has gone viral. (TikTok/@southcentraljag)

The hack has gone viral. (TikTok/@southcentraljag)

While a video documenting the hack has gone viral, many social media users have questioned whether the act is actually legal.

I think we’ve all probably had intrusive thoughts about switching price tags at a grocery store to save some cash – particularly because of the ongoing cost of living crisis.

But despite those thoughts, that doesn’t mean the vast majority of people actually do it.

However, one video uploaded by @southcentraljag on TikTok shows one man letting those intrusive thoughts win.

From the video, it’s unclear who the gentleman is or which store he’s doing the sneaky price tag switching.

Of course, steaks can be pretty expensive, with a a 0.94 lb. bottom round package of steaks going for $7.84.

However, this man wanted a better steak – a lot better, in fact. So he decided to take the label off the $7 steak and place it over another piece of meat that should set a customer back $41.

While it may be ribeye steaks, $41 just seems like too higher price, but why is that?

Well, WCCO News reported last year that the price of beef in Minnesota was increasing due to cattle shortage.

Is this legal? (TikTok/@southcentraljag)

Is this legal? (TikTok/@southcentraljag)

Kelly Schmidt, CEO of Minnesota Beef Council, said they were: “seeing record high cattle prices as well because the processors in the middle that need the beef to get to the restaurants and stores, they’re really having to fight for that product.”

Many have flocked to the comments section of the TikTok video to ask the question on whether the hack is actually legal.

Well, according to one person’s story, it certainly is illegal: “My ex went to jail for a year for that,” they penned.

A second added: “I think that’s called shop lifting! Haha.”

While a third remarked: “As someone who’s worked in a grocery store before, I’m amazed you got the sticker off so easy.”

Others added in the comments section they would be trying the same hack, though as some have found out, you can certainly get in trouble for it.

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